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Miss universe flashed a gorgeous figure

Мисс Вселенная блеснула роскошной фигуройOksana Fedorova has shown new photos on the page in Instagram.

In 2002 Oksana Fedorova won the title of “Miss universe”, but to the surprise of all, she gave up this title, although it is still called Miss Universe. Of course, Oksana great figure, and she does not change her even after two pregnancies and childbirth, to the envy of detractors.

Fedorov actively populates your profile in the social network new photos, this time she showed a picture, which was captured in a short top and jeans. Oksana turned almost with his back to the camera, thereby showing his “fifth point”. Fans of Miss Universe threw her compliments: “Beauty! Good photo!”, “Figurine chic! Very pretty, Oksana!”, “Krasatulya like a Princess!” and so on.

In just a few hours this photo Oksana Fedorova has collected almost 2 thousand likes and a huge number of comments to its luxurious appearance. The years go by, and she was a beauty, remained. Some members noted that over the years and with the advent of two children, she was even more attractive and feminine.

Мисс Вселенная блеснула роскошной фигурой

Мисс Вселенная блеснула роскошной фигурой

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