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Microsoft will release an innovative flagship smartphone

Microsoft still can not accept defeat in the battle for the smartphone market, not wanting to take into consideration almost zero audience for its Windows 10 platform Mobile. Today, its representatives hinted at the ongoing development of innovative flagship smartphone on this OS, oriented to business users.

Corporate clients will have at their disposal a smartphone at once with 8 GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 830, which will present no earlier than January of the following year, so that the phone will arrive a little later. Of course, talking about new top-end model, the Surface Phone that never was announced, although rumors about it since last year. The new Microsoft smartphone will become one of the world’s most powerful WM10 not only among models, but among all the means of communication, because at the moment, only two or three Android gadget can boast 6 GB of RAM, whereas the new products from Microsoft they will be as much as 8.

However, competitors are at the Sufrace Phone — it will be recently reviewed by us smartphone HP Elite x3, the flagship in a metal housing with a very rich functionality. Powerful in itself, it is easily transformed into pocket the system unit thanks to the technology Continuum and a special dock to connect a monitor and peripherals. Smartphone from Microsoft will be able similarly, assured the representatives of the software giant. But what with the Windows 10 Mobile, which sidestep almost all application developers?

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