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Masha Efrosinina first showed his son

Маша Ефросинина впервые показала своего сынаThe TV presenter shared an amusing video in his page in the social network.

Masha Efrosinina does not often indulge their fans with family photos, but this time she decided to show everyone a video in which frolic all the members of her family, including younger son Sasha. TV presenter still hid little Alexander from prying eyes, and now they saw a little boy playing parents and older sister Nana.

Your weekend Maria devoted family. She had a great time with kids and husband in the courtyard of a country house. Turns take time, Sasha, who the thing that says “more”, so Efrosinina signed video: “Not as though the word “another” was a favorite in our family, but… Alexander taxis. Output. Priceless time. My family.”. In just a few hours a new video of Masha with her husband and children watched by more than 51 thousand times is not surprising, because earlier she tried not to show their loved ones.

Together with the family sported their four-legged friend, who also was not averse to participate in family outdoor activities. Mary, her children and husband bathed in the compliments all users of the social network who have watched their home videos.

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