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London secrets of the Deputy Nesterova


Лондонские секреты депутата Нестеровой

Petersburg the Deputy of “United Russia” Svetlana Nesterov waiting for the mansion in London and a daughter-English. “Fontanka” became clear, what mysteries her personal life took custody of the court, drove the journalists.

The trial of Svetlana Nesterova, accused of the organization of the fraudulent theft of budget money, was full of oddities. Lawyer Makarkin, who called the press himself and asked about the closed process. The Chairman of Krasnogvardeysky court Svetlana Charles did not listen to the opinion of the representative of the RCDS, which insisted on the arrest, and brought journalists, citing the privacy of the public figure – the Deputy. And to protect is what. Daughter Nesterova became a citizen of UK and have property.

On the eve of Svetlana Nesterova was sent under house arrest until August 22. This really did not want the Investigative Committee, desiring complete isolation of the MP. She is charged with the organization of the fraud money allocated for social protection.

Guilty to robbing the disabled and pensioners Nesterov does not recognize, but in the materials of the TFR are the testimony of her assistants Shishkina and the Whale. They made a plea deal and got probation.

At the last moment a matter Nesterova transferred from the duty judge the Deputy Chairman of the Krasnogvardeysky court Svetlana Karlova, even though she was busy with the verdict in another process.

The Deputy attorney Andrey Makarkin, who called journalists in court, suddenly asked to delete and close the process to prevent disclosure of private aspects of personal life Nesterova. Judge Charles was malleable. His decision he explained the concern about the protection of the Deputy.

“Nesterova is a member of the Legislative Assembly, that is, she is a public person. The hearing may result in the violation of her constitutional rights, lead to disclosure of secrets of health and data of her family and personal life”, – said the Chairman of Krasnogvardeysky court.

On the announcement of Charles the press is also not allowed.

Responsible for the media consultant of the court of Alexander Koltsov, which addressed the journalists, and left to sit on the chair of his office:

“I heard you.”

The hall door was guarded by three police officer without badges on the chest and insignia. On contact did not go, prefer rudeness.

A press-Secretary UFSSP of St. Petersburg Marina Bogatyreva referred to the foreign holiday and roaming:

“I can’t help you”.

After the announcement of the participants in the process as one refused to communicate. Even the once talkative Makarkin.

It is likely that taken under the protection of geographic preferences Svetlana Nikolaevna. The Deputy of the ruling party, the winner of the recent primaries, the Woman of the year 2014, winner of silver medal of St. Peter the Apostle in blessing for diligent works to the glory of the Holy Church clearly sympathetic to Albion.

In the West a little different idea of publicity, than the judge of the Charles. Therefore, the “Fontanka” knows that in 2002, Svetlana Nesterova, being then only an assistant Deputy of the legislative Assembly, sent a 17-year-old daughter, Svetlana, too, to study in England. In 2006 was successfully completed at the London school of Economics and politics (LSE). Thesis Svetlana Jr. was dedicated to the processes of privatization in post-Soviet States.

In the same 2006 the British Nesterov got to the Bank UBS, and graduated from the St. Petersburg North-West Academy of civil service on a speciality “jurisprudence”.

Public register of legal entities showed the “Fontanka”, in November 2009 in London were a registered broker Applicationsos Limited company with a share capital of £ 1,000. In the founding documents provided the two faces. The company Secretary was listed Svetlana Nesterova. Headed Applicationsos Limited French citizen, Denise Karbon (Denis carbonne, MIDI-pyrénées).

Probably Svetlana and Denis were married. In January 2014 changed information about the leaders. Director was Svetlana carbonne, MIDI-pyrénées, with the date of birth as the daughter of a Deputy, and in the “Citizenship” appeared to Britain. In April 2016 Applicationsos Limited ceased to exist. On its success we can not say anything, except that in the registered documents there is a record at the time of November 2014: “the Company does not conduct any activities.”

Applicationsos Limited address for correspondence specified a red brick mansion on the street of Canfield Gardens. The office bears little resemblance. In the window thanks to Google maps you can see the kitchen faucet, and the delicate balcony on the third floor of neatly arranged flower pots. Frames the mansion hedge.


Лондонские секреты депутата Нестеровой

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According to “Fontanka” St. Petersburg relatives come to Svetlana to visit. For example, in February and April the British border was the entrance through Heathrow airport the son of the Deputy – Alexander Nesterov.

As told “Fontanka” sources in the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Svetlana also does not deprive London of attention, and one of the trips allegedly took place after the detention of assistants Nesterova. Say, the FSB on the rights of the authorities carrying out operational support of the criminal case, even expressed fears that Svetlana can escape in the direction of Britain. Could the Investigating Committee not to worry.

Note that the possibility to flee abroad in recent years has become a convincing argument in favor of the conclusion status of the accused under arrest. Here are some examples:

Deputy Minister of culture Grigory Pirumov ;

– former Director of Domodedovo Vyacheslav Nekrasov;

– Russian billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko;

– the former Chairman of the Board of “RusHydro” Evgeny DoD;

– Deputy of the legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Notyag;

“Fontanka” asked the lawyer Makarkina about London pillow Nesterova, her daughter and son-in-law English-French.

“Sorry, can’t comment on that,” he said.

Well, what can happen if you keep under house arrest haves, in August of last year clearly showed the former Director of the Institute of applied chemistry, owner of the Scottish castle Shapovalov, who escaped before the sentence.

Alexander Ermakov, Andrey Zakharov, Ksenia Klochkova,


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