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LOBODA boasted of a fit body

LOBODA похвасталась подтянутым теломSvetlana Loboda shared an impressive photo with your followers on Instagram.

Now Svetlana travels only yesterday she was in Rome, and is now somewhere on the shore of a sea or ocean, in any case, the singer is surrounded by jungle. Loboda climbed on a log and someone took a picture. When the singer posed in a hat with a wide brim, sunglasses, bra of swimsuit and short shorts. She managed to show off his fit body, for which she received a ton of compliments from fans.

The singer has signed a new photo: “Try to maintain happiness within yourself, think about the beauty in all that surrounds you and be happy… the Motto of 2016. Lo”. In just a few minutes it was like more than a thousand users of the social network. As always, the figure of Svetlana deserves to be showered with compliments. It is known that Quinoa is not full-bodied and can even afford to eat anything, not exhausting yourself diets and starvation, unlike their famous counterparts.

The only secret Loboda against her figure is the maximum movement and activity during the day, the singer almost no time to lie on the couch, that’s why her waist is not deferred excess fat. Moreover, at his concerts and rehearsals constantly dancing Light.

LOBODA похвасталась подтянутым телом

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