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LG will make displays for Chinese smartphones

LG будет делать дисплеи для китайских смартфоновLG will produce displays for smartphones from Chinese manufacturers.

Chinese companies Huawei and Xiaomi to the end of the year will present several devices with flexible OLED displays.

In this regard, and a number of other factors experts say that the era of LCD technology has entered the stage of sunset. To dominate in the near future will be OLED displays, and it will significantly reshape the Asian market. Now 95% of all OLED displays manufactured by Samsung Mobile Display. But the Chinese smartphone makers Huawei and Xiaomi are likely to work closely with LG. Therefore, the share of this company will significantly grow.

Orders from major players in the Chinese and global markets will clearly play a role. However, the Samsung competition is clearly not afraid. The company intends to become a monopolist in the production of OLED displays for laptops and monitors. But LG Display will focus on the creation of screens for smartphones.

It seems that the two giants divided the market in advance, without becoming a race of technology and to compete fiercely for sales of their products.

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