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Larisa Guzeeva surprised expensive Breakfast

Лариса Гузеева удивила дорогим завтракомLarisa Guzeeva shocked fans expensive Breakfast.

Famous Russian TV presenter Larissa guzeyeva caused a storm of emotions and disturbances from his fans in the network Instagram.

She demonstrated in the photo like eating caviar spoons for Breakfast. Subscribers now I think, so the star wanted to tease the public or just advertised the product.

TV presenter Larissa guzeyeva again showed that he is not afraid of rumors and gossip behind my back. In his account on the social network Instagram she published a photograph in which eats caviar. The picture caused a wide range of emotions, from bewilderment to a huge negative.

Fans felt that in a crisis to use this product spoons as something not nice and uncalled for. The views of subscribers divided, some fans believe that a celebrity can afford it, because a lot of work.

Previously she had posted provocative pictures of a private jet, which caused approving reaction. Under the Guzeeva wrote that it was a simple Breakfast tourists.

Perhaps it is worth noting that black caviar of this brand costs more than 30 thousand rubles per kilogram. Some fans believe that this is just the advertising of the manufacturer, because it had already appeared in similar shots of canned food of the same company on the pages of Anfisa Chekhova, Lolita Milavskaya and Anastasia Volochkova.

Лариса Гузеева удивила дорогим завтраком

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