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Ksenia Sobchak was stunned by all the “no belly”

Ксения Собчак ошарашила всех снимком «без живота»On his page in Instagram body-diva showed a photo in a bathing suit.

Some time ago on the Network and in the society there were rumors about pregnancy of Ksenia Sobchak. Then, she tele-star “fueled” speculation from the public and entered the arena of the circus in a body-hugging dress, which accentuated her perfectly round pot belly. Plus, a friend of Susie shouted to the whole room that she’s pregnant and Andrey Malakhov and all knelt in front of Sobchak and kissed her stomach.

As soon as talking about the first pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak calmed down, she decided again to “get” people and appeared on the red carpet “Award, MU-TV free in dresses that are usually pregnant girls. Then, the presenter went on holiday with a friend in Italy, she showed a few photos, but it is impossible to determine if she was pregnant or not.

Just a couple of days ago, Ksenia Sobchak posted a candid Instagram photo, where she is depicted in blue combines a bathing suit, standing under a shower on the pier. She signed this photo: “cher left, and I left!”. Meanwhile, on the page from a friend of Susie — Polina Kitsenko, in fact there is a photo with the singer cher, but in the same place the pictures were taken Polina and Ksenia? In General, the new photo no belly Sobchak no, whether it’s Photoshop, or an old photograph, or Xenia all around his little finger — the options with the public enough to doubt the pregnancy Sobchak.

Ксения Собчак ошарашила всех снимком «без живота»

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