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Kolomoisky is returned?

Коломойский возвращается?

Last week 22.06.2016 in the building of the interior Ministry of Ukraine held a meeting of prominent political personalities of present-day Ukraine. Arsen Avakov, Igor Kolomoisky, Yatsenyuk and the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey Kobelev decided to talk without annoying the omnipresent media. Also, in the discussion known only to them questions, did not participate Pro-presidential representatives, and Poroshenko himself for tea was not invited.

If you take into account that on the secret tea party were invited guests, which can not be called friends, Poroshenko, and among them were present Mr. oligarch Kolomoisky with his vassal Andrey KOBOLEV, who now represents the interests of the ex-Governor of Dnipropetrovsk oblast in the Ukrainian energy sector, the conversation was clearly about friendship against the President.

Apparently, in the near future we will have another reality show telling about the internecine battles of the Ukrainian oligarchy, the fight for the right to unilaterally dispose of the remaining financial resources of which in Ukraine all is not enough. Because citizens financial bigwigs have to deal with elimination of competitors in all possible ways.

Separately in this company I would like to focus on Yatsenyuk, who during the reign of the Maidan and, in turn, supported Joe Biden. It is certainly no accident in this company. His presence in the club Presententation suggest a possible competition for resources and power, with the permission and blessings of Biden. Perhaps to reconcile this issue and called Joe Biden to Washington, former Prime Minister of the rabbit to the audience today 27.06.2016 G.

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