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KIA Picanto: a unique car for those who appreciate comfort

KIA Picanto: уникальный автомобиль для тех, кто ценит комфортThe benefits of KIA Picanto will not leave anyone indifferent.

The KIA Picanto we have everything down to the smallest detail, so anyone who has ever rolled on it, won’t be able to resist him. This car is perfect for a man having the notion of what comfort and safety. Technical characteristics of KIA Picanto, as well as its external and internal design created with the most unusual wishes of the motorists. Manufacturers proudly presented this car and has already received a lot of positive reviews about it.

The main advantages of the KIA Picanto

– the minimum level of emissions to the environment;

– security at the highest level: KIA Picanto configuration has front, side, knee airbags and curtain airbags;

– innovative design both inside the car and outside;

– convenience when Parking, because it has special sensors that help to recognise the amount of free space where the driver is going to stop the car;

– vehicle help system at startup on the rise, that is when you will need to do a hill start up, system will allow to do it more freely;

– large trunk per 200 liters will allow you to travel with the whole family and take all the things that will be needed during the holidays;

– the warranty for the new KIA Picanto is 5 years;

– roomy interior. It only seems that in miniature Picanto is absolutely no place, in fact, the driver and passengers will feel very loose inside the car;

– minimal consumption of gasoline. Manufacturers claim that in urban environments KIA Picanto consumes no more than 5.8 liters of gasoline per 100 km on the highway — not more than 3.8 l;

– fancy panels of leather and chrome interior in this car will attest to the fact that the owner — an advanced motorist, which is important for all the details.

The issue price

Manufacturers have taken care of that on the KIA Picanto, the price was more than pleasant, or rather, anyone can afford to buy this hatchback, because distributors are willing to meet each and every client. Plus, those who do not have enough cash and want to buy Pikanto here and now, you can take it on credit on very favorable terms.

To list all the benefits of the new KIA Picanto is impossible, it is better to see it “live”, and even better to test and make your own conclusions.

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