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Keep the money in the Bank

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Храните деньги в банке 

In vain the business world of Russia expected that the Central Bank comes to its senses and will cut the refinancing rate to an effective level – symbolically it was reduced from 11.0 to 10.5 and left devastating. At such a rate of Bank loans to businesses will remain at the current idiotic, frankly extortionate levels of 15-20% or more per annum. “Recapture” such “loans”-Slipknot impossible for one to take them – commit suicide!..

And who in this case has a gesheft?

Yes, banks. Headed by the respected Central Bank. Here already half a dozen years, the banking mafia Russia has a stable unique everpretty income in 5-10-20 per cent per annum without any risk and hassle!..
Their colleagues from the classical world of capital and lucre are satisfied with margin of 0.5-2.0 percent and the Central banks or are symbolic of 0.5-1.0 % or even emit with a zero rate!

It would seem that they are fools and have a long time to go through the world, but they ruin it all somehow postponed and postponed. We, Russians, have to wait for their collapse, it seems, tired. But they still can break…

To say that our Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank do not understand that deliberately stop the industry of the country and condemn people to poverty and deprivation, not to say.
It is necessary to recognize that there is a deliberate destructive work on the transfer of Russia of the major powers in the company of losers and beggars. Some financial diversion.

Never supported Sergei Glazyev as a politician. His caricature-reactionary, Stalinist understanding of our tomorrow at the same time and it’s disgusting and ridiculous.
But part of money circulation I’m with him almost completely agree. Do not be afraid of controlled inflation. Down in the hold, where you created a commodity-material values, you need a cheap, big money.
Once the money supply at least doubled, assuming low-cost, affordable loans the chains in motion small and medium-sized businesses, will begin to recover now unprofitable industry will rise farming.

Banks should be barred from stray windfall and go on a modest 1-2-3 percent, which is quite prestigious at high speeds, but certainly not the easy income…

So, in the end? The money is there! You stay there until you force the government to issue trillions in circulation for the salvation of the country and people.

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