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Katya Osadchaya has intrigued fans of wedding photography

Катя Осадчая заинтриговала фанатов свадебной фотографиейThe presenter made selfe in the image of a true bride.

As you know, Katya Osadchaya educates quite adult son one. She is not married, but in society talking about her affair with Yuri Gorbunov. Relations between two TV presenters who spend time together not only at work but also in his personal life, is still not confirmed. As Yuri and Katya, trying to evade the questions about what connects them besides working in the project “Golos Krainy”, once Gorbunov said that about any novel can not be considered, and then shared photos from a vacation in Paris, where at the same time, rested and Osadchaya with my son.

In General, as if there was not, but wedding photography, that appears on the page of Katya Osadchaya on Instagram, not a little intrigued by its subscribers. The TV presenter was quick to calm everyone down by signing a selfie in a white dress with a veil on her head: “Fantasy still Mauger, zahoditi so far…”. In just a few hours this picture gathered more than 13 thousand likes, and also a huge number of comments that subscribers have become inattentive to congratulate Kate on their marriage and ask: “Who is actually the husband?”.

Meanwhile, other users of Instagram just said that everything looks flawless and the white color really suits her. Everyone especially liked the veil with the headband of pearls.

Катя Осадчая заинтриговала фанатов свадебной фотографией

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