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Katya Barnabas scared fans with her thinness

Катя Варнава напугала поклонников своей худобойFans concerned that their favorite is abruptly lost.

Almost every new picture of Barnabas netizens Express their anger about how she looks. Moreover, the public does not consider it as public the girl bound to be always in shape, so keep saying that she’s too thin.

Actually, Kate is really slim and very high, so the weight gain is a failure in the future, as it will seem huge. Barnabas reads comments that leave compassionate subscribers, which now continually raises the tag under his photo: “Jesus, what did she do to herself…”. Is it the fact that many outsiders believe numerous plastic surgery allegedly performed on the body and face show-woman.

This time Kate showed the new photos with a gift from fashion designer Alexander Arutyunov — trendy ankle boots open toe. Then her followers immediately began to accuse of excessive thinness and anorexia approaching. Katya Barnabas thought the users of the social network too skinny, so they expressed their experiences in the comments about her health.

Катя Варнава напугала поклонников своей худобой

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