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Katya Barnabas lay on the hay in a wedding dress

Катя Варнава улеглась на сено в свадебном платьеPopular TV presenter shared archival image in his page in Instagram.

Host of “Hto zverhu?” and star of the project “Comedy Woman” showed a photo of 3-year-old. Most likely, Catherine paraded the archive to prove to everyone that no plastic surgery in the recent past, she did and looks the same as three years ago.

In this picture Katya Barnabas in the image of the bride, lying on the hay. Moreover, delicate lace wedding dress has been added to the humble shoes, and leather boots. In the hand of Barnabas bouquet of wildflowers. Every detail in this photo blends with the others and overall the picture is excellent. Well thought out image, place, dress, bouquet, and even flowing hair of the girl lying in the manger, and the absence of veils — all this creates the impression of perfect wedding photography.

As presenter lover recently proposed to get married, and she signed a photo in the hayloft: “Tired… Pictures 3 years!”, we can assume that Barnabas was just involved in some kind of photo project and nothing more.

Катя Варнава улеглась на сено в свадебном платье

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