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KamAZ prepares serial production of unmanned trucks

КамАЗ готовит серийный выпуск беспилотных грузовиковKamAZ launches the drones into production in 2025.

As we have repeatedly mentioned in the news, the company KAMAZ is developing unmanned vehicles.

Today at the St. Petersburg international economic forum Sergey Kogogin, General Director of the company, told details about the launch of the project.

Thus, the company plans in 2018 to launch an unmanned vehicle on the internal roads of KAMAZ in test mode, and by 2025 — go to serial production of the UAV.

A year ago it was reported that KAMAZ-the drone can start to work for the benefit of the mining industry and other special tasks as early as 2020. As it was stated by the representative participating in the development of “VIST mining, Technolgy”, in this issue, the main problems are not technical, but organizational, and related to the legal regulation of the movement, the development of norms and rules of use of technology in a non-deterministic environment.

Sergei Kogogin also said: “Technically today no specific issues. One of the serious problems is the degree of responsibility legislation. Legal issues are already being examined by the ad hoc working group.

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