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Kamaliya told fans the happy news

Камалия сообщила фанатам радостную новостьThe singer has shared with fans that are important to them news.

Almost all the celebrities use social networks to communicate with loved ones, work colleagues, and his fans. Most of them prefer Instagram, but there are those who do not leave Facebook or Twitter. Kamaliya Zahoor has pleased admirers of his work the news that she’s finally signed up on Instagram.

On his page in the social network Kamaliya has shared new photos, one of which she depicted in a white dress. And in the next shot, the singer showed his love for equestrian sport, taking a picture of themselves riding school in class, and signed it: “horse riding is my passion.”.

Yet Instagram have Kamaliya about 7 thousand subscribers, but that’s only because not everyone has learned that this is her official page. By the way, on Facebook Kamaliya has shared a new photo with Katya Osadchaya on the set of “Swfsc life”, which will be on view tonight. Fans of the singer can not wait, when will air gear, to see and to hear what she talked to the presenter.

Камалия сообщила фанатам радостную новость

Камалия сообщила фанатам радостную новость

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