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Kalashnikov wants to create a new gun for the national guard

"Калашников" хочет создать новый пулемет для нацгвардии

A tender for the development of the new assault machine gun “KORD is 5.45” for the Federal service of national guard troops (FSWG) Russia will become a competitive field of Russian producers of small arms. The application form for participation in the contest will submit the Degtyarev plant and its main rival, the Kalashnikov concern. New gun to replace the machine guns of system of Kalashnikov — RPK-74 facing armed TSUNG. The development will be conducted under the code name “Fitter-2”. Total cost of the gun will be 25,56 million rubles.

— We plan to participate in the tender with a proposal corresponding to the customer’s specifications, — told “Izvestia”, the concern “Kalashnikov”.

On the Degtyarev plant confirmed that they will also participate in the contest, but from the further comments have refrained.

— A similar contest was already announced several years ago the Federal state institution “Scientific production Association “Special equipment and communication” of the Ministry of internal Affairs, — has told “news” the expert in the field of small arms Alex Leonov. — Then an order on the subject “Turner” gave the Degtyarev plant. In the advertising booklet of the company, he held the responsibility of developmental works done in the interests of the Ministry of interior. Passed a series of tests, but on arms for some reason was not adopted. Now the national guard offers to revive the topic, but under a new name — “Turner 2”.

According to the specifications, the gun is intended for destruction of manpower and firepower destruction of the enemy during special operations in urban environments and confined areas, as well as to create a high density of fire with the support of the assault groups or the actions of the machine gunner in the composition of the group to give it extra firepower”. The tender results will be summarized in June of this year.

As noted by Alexey Leonov, a new contest very similar to the history of confrontation “Degtyarev” and “Kalashnikov” in the tender for supply of advanced machine for equipment future soldier Ratnik. To participate were allowed two items: AEK-971 Kovrov and Izhevsk AK-12. Most importantly, how they differ from each other — the mechanism of the strike group. In AK-12 retained the classic shock automatics, which for over half a century faithfully serve in all machines of system of Kalashnikov. In AEK-971 is opposed to the stopper of the balancer telescopic approximately the same mass.

Until the last moment Kovrov AEK-971 was considered the uncontested favorite. However, the “new details” of the design made it harder for the AK-12. As a result, as have informed “news” the Director of marketing of the concern “Kalashnikov” Vladimir Dmitriev, the Ministry of defense received 30 samples of AK-12. Machines pass military tests to confirm the performance under different operating conditions. After that final decision. It will happen in October. In may, the concern “Kalashnikov” became the supplier of the updated version of the AK-74M for TSUNG. Special thanks to the modernization kits its efficiency compared to conventional “Kalash” has increased in 1,5 times on the criterion “frequency of lesions” at a distance of 300 m. AK-74M is the main small arms of the national guard before the advent of the new AK-12.

— The piquancy of the situation on the “Turner 2” lies in the details of contest tasks, — said Alexey Leonov. — Specifically, the requirement to establish to the gun store for 60 rounds. On the instructions it needs to be interchangeable with the AK-74 and RPK-74. It is, in fact, the task of designing a very specific type of weapon — not for revision “Degtyarevskaya” “Cord of 5.45” and a machine gun Kalashnikov — RPK-74M.

RPK-74M was developed under the 7N10 cartridge with enhanced penetration bullet (PP). The bullet core is made from tungsten carbide, bullet weight was 3.56 g, at the distance of 100 meters pierced steel plate with thickness 16 mm, which allows you to defeat modern body armor, he added.

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