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Jessica Alba spoke about the status of a sex symbol

Джессика Альба рассказала о статусе секс-символаThe actress looks amazing on cover of InStyle magazine.

Jessica Alba became the heroine of the July issue of InStyle.

In an interview with the star told about his childhood and the status of a sex symbol, which she acquired at a very young age.

About his childhood: “I since the birth was not like everyone else. I loved to challenge authority. For parents I was a very difficult child. I was hyperactive. Haven’t slept at all. And I too was often ill, just did not get out of hospitals. So I find it difficult to build relationships with peers”.

About his sexuality: “My sexuality always made me feel uncomfortable. I remember my first photo shoot for Maxim magazine. I was asked to pose in a certain way, and I was indignant: “Hey, I’m only 19. I’m still a virgin. I don’t even know how it’s done.” It was terribly embarrassing”.

The status of a sex symbol at age 25: “I had a kind of crisis in life. I thought I didn’t want to be. I am much more than just a sex object. But I didn’t know how not to be a sex symbol”.

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