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Irina Dubtsova has become a “Barbie”

Ирина Дубцова превратилась в "Барби"Irina Dubtsova has dramatically changed.

34-year-old singer is noticeably thinner lately, she has literally become half thinner than really surprised fans.

The followers still do not know what the reason for the sudden weight loss. But it seems that the artist is not going to stop there. Now she decided to change the image and, judging by the pictures in Instsgrsm to become a famous doll “Barbie”. Pink playsuit, cardigan and bag the same color transformed adult performer hits a real teenager with a doll-like appearance.

By the way, the fans like the new image Dubtsova, in the comments under images showered with admiring compliments. Still admire the new postroynevshaya figure the singer and asked to share the secrets of weight loss.

Ирина Дубцова превратилась в "Барби"

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