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In Yakutia found Parking ancient people of the Neolithic period

В Якутии найдена стоянка древних людей эпохи неолитаParking of the ancient people of the Neolithic age, with items of pottery and tools found by archaeologists near Yakutsk.

Parking man of the ancient Neolithic a team of scientific experts found in Yakutia in the 44-kilometer Vilyuisky tract.

It is assumed that these Parking lots are part of the whole archaeological district.

In these places in different time periods of the expedition of archaeologists have found 5 sites of the Neolithic period. This year were found plates, chips, ceramics, indicating that in these places there is a monument Aiyy-Tibet VI, archaeological Neolithic.

Scientists claim that they managed to find the whole archeological district, which in turn indicates a fairly high level of development of the local tribes of the Neolithic period and their complex organization. Further research will be able to give a more complete understanding of the stone industry of the period and features of ceramic production, according to archaeologists.

Valuable archaeological find Aiyy-Tibet VI contains a multi-temporal cultural remains of the Neolithic period: syamahska rendererotica, Belchinski srednemultinskoe and yeahthey postapokalipticheskoy (4-3 thousand B. L.) crops. More precise boundaries of the detected object is not yet defined, so research will continue. Special interest of experts of archeology and Ethnography are also monuments of the medieval times, in particular, construction, which in many ways can be attributed to XIII-XV centuries, to the so-called culture of “small houses”.

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