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In Ukraine will complicate the re-equipment of cars on gas

В Украине усложнят переоборудование машины на газNow, for altering the machine you will have to write to the office of the automaker.

In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, a bill No. 4683, entitled “Draft Law on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine in the field of road transport with the aim of bringing them in compliance with acts of the European Union”, in allegations which could seriously change the rules of conversion of a vehicle to gas.

So, under this bill, anyone wishing to install on their vehicle gas equipment must first send a request to the Central office of the vehicle manufacturer. Then, having received a positive response, to translate the text of the decree on the state language and then apply to the authorized Cabinet of Ministers body, which will make this document.

Worst case scenario, if the manufacturer does not respond to the letter or does not agree to the conversion. It is also noted that the Central office may request certifications from service stations for equipment and materials.

In addition, the bill No. 4683 involves checking the technical condition of the vehicle on the roads, and the confiscation of the car in case of illegal carrying of passengers and goods, and collecting money from drivers, providing for the issuance of the special license of the driver-professional. Without it you cannot carry passengers, cargo and so on.

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