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In the Netherlands on a 3D printer prints house

В Нидерландах на 3D-принтере напечатают домIn the Netherlands expect the world’s first printed building.

Earlier in the UAE already unveiled to the world building that was created in the printer. This technology already is not a secret for anyone, because with its help you can even design a weapon that practically will not differ from the original. Just a month ago, scientists from the UAE suggested the use of composite materials in the design, what many experts have responded with apprehension.

Company BAM International has already started work on the implementation of the project, which is being prepared jointly with experts from the University of Architecture. They are developing a robotic three-dimensional printer, capable of producing items of any size and shape. During operation, the device uses interchangeable tips for handling objects of various shapes. It allows to produce objects of any complexity.

The first prototype will be presented to the public during the festival FabCity, which will be held in Amsterdam. For the first time the printer uses instead of ink, adhesive liquid, so that the material can be fixed on any surface in a given form

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