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In the Kharkiv region found a huge Scythian burial mound

На Харьковщине обнаружили огромный скифский курган The burial was found about 20 items, including the remains of a boy and a girl.

In the village of Bolshaya Danilovka in the Kharkiv region found a Scythian burial mound, that has spent less than a month.

Typically, such work takes at least 60 days, but due to the fact that the funerary monument was in the area of development and was already partly destroyed, the excavation had to be accelerated.

“In the course of excavations archaeologists have discovered two graves – the first end of the VI century, the second end of the V century BC. In burials, the researchers found more than 20 items: animal bones, arrowheads, fragments of ancient ceramic vessels, part of the ancient bridle set and even human remains” – said the head of the Department of archaeology of the early iron age, Institute of archaeology of NAS of Ukraine Sergey Soon.

The teeth established that the remains belong to a man 30 to 33 years and a girl of 15-16 years. Since Kurgan had a height of at least seven meters and a diameter of 40 meters, suggest that the buried belonged to the elite.

Found artifacts will be transferred to the lab for reconstruction, and later deposited in the Kharkov historical Museum.

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