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In the Irish bog found a huge piece of prehistoric oil

В ирландском болоте найден огромный кусок доисторического маслаIreland work found in the swamp a piece of butter weighing 22 pounds (nearly 10 kg).

Kom butter weighing ten pounds was recently extracted from peat bogs in County Meath (Ireland).

According to archaeologists, this product was intended as a sacrifice to the gods. In addition, it may still be edible.

The find was donated to the national Museum of Ireland. According to one of the curators of the Museum Andy Halpin (Andy Halpin), the oil found in the area Takrat, on the border of three ancient Celtic kingdoms. “The swamp in those days was a remote and mysterious areas. In addition, from a political point of view, the border of the three kingdoms was a no — man’s land,” he said.

Sometimes these “balls” of oil hidden in the swamp reserve, hiding from the raids (in wooden baskets or skins). Sometimes (as in the present case) the product is sacrificed. This is evidenced by the fact that the oil didn’t even try to pack.

According to Halpin, room still smells of dairy products (more like a sharp cheese) and kept a loose texture. Scientist admits the edibility of the product, but advises not to try it to taste.

In 2014, the famous Irish chef Kevin Thornton tried another sample of “bog butter” by the age of four thousand years, and praised its taste. Moreover, he decided to make a similar product.

Also in 2014, biologists from China and Germany analyzed the oldest-known cheese, which is preserved in the form of jewelry mummies found in China in the burial of Sake. According to scientists, the recipe for this product was significantly different from the typical modern analogues. Mummy burials, Sake, which became the subject of research, was discovered in the early 2000-ies. They date back to 1980-450 years BC.

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