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In the Internet posted a huge base of financial crimes

В интернет выложили огромную базу финансовых преступлений The Internet has got a base of financial crimes.

The largest database on the financial crimes of Thomson Reuters, which global banks use to check customers were on the Network.

The leak was discovered by engineer Chris Vickery. According to him, to get access to the database, you need neither login nor password.

It is noted that the database World-Check Risk Screening is one of the world’s most complete databases with information about terrorism, money laundering and organized crime. Therefore, in the Network were data on almost 2 million businesses and individuals.

Sources of information in the database are mass media publications, statements of ministries and departments, the official stop-lists and sanctions lists published by governments.

This information banks use to verify whether companies and individuals with whom they intend to work access to the financial system. In addition to such data the database contains information about the date and place of birth of said persons.

Representatives of the company Thomson Reuters confirmed that the base is real, but stressed that she published her version two years ago. Guilty in this incident, they called “third parties”. However, they stressed that future leaks will not happen again.

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