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In Tanzania has found vast reserves of rare gas

В Танзании нашли огромные запасы редкого газаGeochemists have made an amazing discovery.

Find 1.5 billion cubic meters of this substance was discovered beneath the East African rift valley in Tanzania. About it informs EurekAlert. Find the helium Geochemistry is lucky with the help of special methods of research: volcanic activity helps the gas to escape from the bowels of the Earth to its surface.

Thus, the task of scientists is to determine the optimal distance to volcanoes, underground receptacle where the helium is in a very pure form and not mixed with other gases. Prior to that, helium is withdrawn as a by-product of exploration and development of oil and gas underground storerooms.

The main purpose of liquid helium for cooling superconducting magnets, particularly to magnetic resonance imaging and at the Large hadron Collider. During the year the planet needs 220 million cubic metres of helium.

One of the largest suppliers of this substance is the USA, where found gas reserves estimated at 4.3 billion cubic metres, but they with great speed decrease.

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