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In Russia created especially for tank combat in the city

This machine may be interested in a number of middle Eastern countries.

Upgraded T-72 tank, which is intended to conduct urban combat, was presented by the Russian manufacturers at the international exhibition in Kazakhstan. The main difference from the classic T-72 — enhanced protection, bullet-proof cabin for firing the machine gun and even a dozer blade. Experts believe that our army tanks are not really needed and mostly they will be in demand in the middle East.

В России создали танк специально для ведения боев в городе


At the exhibition “the city” tank was presented in the so-called painted desert camouflage. As a rule, this paint indicates that the car is actively trying to promote in countries with a hot climate. According to military expert Viktor Murakhovski, the Russian army does not consider these tanks a priority for procurement and more focused on universal machines. “Now the army are purchasing a deeply modernized T-72 tank, in versions even more advanced than previously purchased T-72B3”.

Therefore the manufacturer when designing the tank for urban combat, of course, hoped that they would be interested in those countries where the fighting is.

Now the manufacturer offers to match the tanks by the customer, depending on specific conditions. Developed modules in the field of protection and mobility the tank, the fire control system with a complete set of sights. In General, our producers act according to the saying: “every whim for your money”.

“Now there are about 20, maybe more options that can be picked at customer’s request, depending on its specific conditions. What was shown in Kazakhstan, is one example of such a modular configuration”, — said murakhovski.

“Urban tank” will be indispensable when fighting in urban and industrial areas. It is equipped with a so-called all-aspect enhanced protection. T-72 covered by a set of modular dynamic protection screens installed on the hull and turret. The back part is protected with a special lattice screens to counter the shots from a grenade launcher. In addition, in front of the tank mounted dozer blade to clear the streets of abandoned vehicles, barricades, or debris. On the T-72 heavy machine gun has no remote control. The tank commander to fire you need put out of the car. To protect it when doing the circular firing anti-aircraft machine gun on tank is fitted with a special bullet-proof cabin, or, as it is called in the army, birdhouse. There is an automatic system setting smoke screens by irradiation of laser rangefinders or anti-tank weapons. For other characteristics, it is in principle not much different from other T-72 offered for export.

“The manufacturer offers budget options for improvements of the tank, which, however, radically enhance the combat effectiveness, — said murakhovski. — These machines will be of interest to those countries that already have the experience of operating the T-72 tanks and a couple of them very attractive.” Now, for example, in Iraq our army T-72 are in service in parallel with the “Abrams”. And our tanks look better than the us. The Syrian army is a whole range of Soviet tanks, from the old T-55 to T-90 “Vladimir”.

“However, variants of tanks for urban combat in these countries, in fact, not. “Craftsmen” independently mounted on tanks protection made in the handicraft way. Comes to the point that they start to concrete a separate part of the tank for increased protection, therefore this tank will be very interesting,” — says Murakhovsky. He also believes that the new machine will be interested in the Afghan army. However, those countries that are already badly depleted by the war, have a lot of money for bulk purchases of these tanks, and if it goes on the supply, they will probably not be very large.

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