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In Mexico have found the oldest mammoth

В Мексике нашли древнейшего мамонтаFound the most ancient on the earth the mammoth.

Discovered animal is cut into pieces, archaeologists have suggested that it could be done by prehistoric people, writes Chronicles.Info with reference to the Telegraph.

The remains of a huge animal wool, which is probably already more than 14 thousand years was accidentally discovered not far from Mexico city. Workers found something resembling a mammoth, when installed drainage pipes in the settlement of Tultepec. Since then there have been archaeologists and very soon they are going to complete the work. Archaeologist of the National Institute of anthropology and history Luis Cordova said that around the capital, researchers found over 50 mammoths, all because there was a small shallow lake with salt water.

Here mammals with a huge weight could get stuck and never get out. Due to the fact that the lake is salty, it is perfectly preserved all the remains of ancient animals. Body parts found in Tultepec, scientists will study for the first time. They suggest that the species had reached 3.5 meters in height, 5 metro in length and weighed over 5 tons.

Mammal at the time of death was approximately 20-25 years. The body of a giant animal remained at¾. The researchers found the tusks, which complements the skull. Archaeologists still hope to find and honor the rest of the body, then to collect the entire mammoth for exhibition in the Museum.

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