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In Greece was found the oldest artifact in the Trojan war

В Греции найден древнейший артефакт времен Троянской войныIn southern Greece found a fragment of a lost throne of the rulers of Mycenae.

The Greek archaeologist, Christofilis Maggidis claims to have found a fragment of the lost throne of the rulers of Mycenae, known in ancient myths and stories of the Trojan war.

Maggidis, who heads excavations in southern Greece, reported that found two years ago under the walls of the ancient fortress of the fragment limestone is part of the throne. The scientist said that the throne was built into one of the sections on the wall of the Palace, located on top of a hill, which was destroyed during an earthquake around 1200 BC

Such results Maggidis announced at a special press conference in Athens held on Tuesday, June 14, reports The Daily Mail.

The Ministry of culture of Greece did not share the enthusiasm of the archaeologist, saying that the find more like part of the stone basin. But Maggidis retorted: fragment of porous material and, therefore, not intended for storage of liquids. “In our opinion, this is one of the most symbolic and important discoveries in the study of the Mycenaean era” — says the archaeologist. Type of stone similar to that found Maggidis, was used in the construction of defensive walls of the citadel and the tombs of the rulers.

Maggidis believes that the remaining parts of the throne may be under the rubble of Mycenae, besides he’s going to continue excavations along the river, where they found the fragment.

The first throne was found in Knossos Palace on Crete, which is an outstanding architectural monument of the Minoan civilization.

The Mycenaean civilization flourished from the sixteenth century to the XI century BC in the late bronze age, and was part of the Cretan-Mycenaean culture. Got its name from the city of Mycenae in the Peloponnese. According to legend the city was built by Perseus. Here lived the descendants of Danae and moved from Elida umivaonikom and then plonegov in which highly exalted the neighboring Argos subdued Mycenae.

Rulers of Mycenae are the key figures of ancient Greek myths. The most famous of them was Agamemnon, who led the campaign of the Greek army against Troy.

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