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In Facebook has a new feature

В Facebook появилась новая функцияFacebook is trying to attract more users to the new features video distribution.

The social network is even willing to create is users these videos based on templates.

New feature SlideShow is designed to assemble short videos based on photos or videos, if they accumulate more than five a day.

Now Facebook offers 10 ready-made templates for rollers: birthday, “epic”, “playful”, and the like.

In the creation of commercials available editing functions: you can add or remove fragments, change the background music, and the like. Feature is only available for smartphones with iOS.

As reported by Facebook, the function can use and entrepreneurs to create advertising messages. “You’ll spend less time and resources for production of promotional video. For a small file size, users want to view them on mobile devices with low-speed Internet “, – explained in the company.

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