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Identified foods that trigger the development of cancer

Названы продукты, провоцирующие развитие ракаFive foods that increase the risk of cancer.

Amid rising number of cancer cases in the United States of American scientists has compiled a list of five products that represent the greatest risk of developing the deadly disease.

According to the forecasts of specialists in the US only in 2016 is expected to more than 1,685 million new cases of cancer, so monitoring food intake is important in reducing this trend.

Numerous studies conducted in recent years relate to the products which can reduce the risk of cancer, but now the experts have decided to focus on that can increase the risk of cancer. This list contains five products, which are recognized as the most carcinogenic.

1. Any kind of alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine and liquor

In addition to cancer of the esophagus, head, neck, liver and colorectal cancer excessive amounts of alcohol can increase the risks for development of breast cancer. The fact is that during the bottling and fermentation of alcoholic beverages they may form carcinogenic ingredients.

In addition, the technology of alcohol production involves the use of acetaldehyde, a chemical which can damage DNA and proteins.

2. Canned foods

Scientists have linked the use of canned foods, with the development of cancer and neurological disorders. They recommend to make a choice in favor of fresh, natural foods.

3. Farmed fish

In contrast to fish living in natural conditions, grown on aquatic farms fish in addition to various metals, antibiotics, pesticides and contains many dangerous chemicals. And repeated tests farmed salmon showed the content of polychlorinated biphenyls (superecotoxicants).

4. Hydrogenated oils

TRANS fats such as partially hydrogenated oils, have no nutritional value. They raise cholesterol, which leads to risk of development of cardiovascular disease and other health problems. Such oils cause mutation in cells, which leads to the formation of tumors.

5. Popcorn

Instead of the usual popcorn, the production of which used hazardous substances, it is better to prepare it at home. Adding perfluorooctanoic acid leads to female infertility and increase the risk of cancer kidney, liver, pancreas, bladder and testicles.

Olive oil, a little salt and pepper and microwave will allow you to do at home safe popcorn, which will not cause harm to the health.

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