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How to take care of my car in the summer

Как позаботиться о своей машине летомExperts told how to take care of the car in the heat.

Summer — time, when the roads becomes much more cars: the period of leave, many going on a long journey. But the heat is treacherous, and you need to be alert.

In our area the summer brings unexpected surprises: cool and rainy weather at any time can change the temperature under 40 °C in the shade. Heat is a dangerous factor, both for car and for the driver and passengers. The car in the sun very quickly heats to a sufficient temperature in order to get heat stroke. The reduction reaction and increase fatigue in hot weather is common.

There are several secrets how to reduce the temperature in the cabin. For example, to maintain cleanliness of the body and often stop off at the sink. No matter what color the car dirty body heats up faster than clean. And clean glass allows much less heat that bounces off the surface.

Roller blind is a simple and inexpensive means to reduce the interior temperature by a few degrees during Parking. It is only not too lazy to spend a minute to install them every time you leave the car in the summer heat even for 15 minutes.

If the car does not have air conditioning during the heat it is better to go with ajar Windows. The influx and circulation of fresh air, even hot, will make it easier to stay in the car. And the dust, which many people don’t want to open the Windows, you can always remove.


Some drivers believe that the summer to ride much easier than in winter. This is partly true — grip is much better, no slippery sections, and daylight is much longer. And in General the visibility is better. But that’s not a reason to relax behind the wheel: summer knows how to teach their dangerous surprises.

Now many road sections under renovation. Moreover, it may be overhaul, with the replacement of the roadway, and can be “point” — just patches on the holes. It is not necessary to step on the gas pedal, enjoying the way the updated: fresh asphalt in hot weather, is covered with a thin oily film and becomes slippery.

The beginning of rain is a very dangerous period. The first drops mixed with the dust of the road, forming a slippery surface. So if the rain caught on the road, should reduce speed, even if the visibility is sufficient and avoid sharp braking and maneuvers.

If possible, you should plan the road, especially long distance, in the morning or evening. Better to stand for a couple of hours before to go to the peak of the heat. And in the glove box for the entire summer season place quality “driving” sunglasses — bright sun towards very quickly tire the eyes. If you have forgotten your glasses — don’t neglect the sun visor of every car.


Now is the time to check the status of the air conditioner and, if necessary, to carry out maintenance. All properly? Well, then remember a few simple rules of efficient use of the air conditioner.

Before you can enable it, if possible, is first simply to ventilate the cabin, glowing in the Parking lot under the sun. So it is possible to avoid sharp temperature changes, which over time can cause micro-cracks in the glass seals. In any case, no need to send cold air to the hot glass may crack. It is better to send the air vents in the cabin and in the legs — so the faster car will be cooled to a comfortable temperature. Speaking of which: the interior temperature is maintain at around 25 degrees. Then there will be no significant difference with the temperature outside the vehicle, and the risk of catching cold is considerably reduced, particularly if will often have to get out of the car.


Engine overheating in the summer, some drivers consider normal, but this is not true. The cooling system of a car (if fully healthy), even cheap, to cope with any heat. Overheating is most often indicates a lack of coolant level or low quality. So if the arrow is the temperature of the liquid is often selected to the “red” zone, you first need to look in expansion tank, if necessary, add fluid, and if its quality is in doubt — for example, it is dull rusty color to replace. Summer is especially important to carry a small supply of antifreeze, often checking its level.

Overheating can also be clogged with leaves, feathers or simply dirty the surface of the radiator. But if everything is clean and the antifreeze is normal, but the motor is overheating — do not delay with the visit to the service. Prolonged overheating can cause deformation of parts of the engine and lead to very expensive repairs.


This applies to owners of cars where the fuel pump is in the gas tank. This pump is cooled with the gas, and with a low level of fuel in the tank even with a small probability, but may overheat and fail. Better not to let the fuel in the tank was less than 1/4, and the best 1/3 of its volume. This recommendation is especially relevant for those who drive on gas and petrol in the tank holds just enough to have enough to start the engine. The extra 10 liters in the tank will not disappear, but can help to avoid possible troubles.


Seemingly simple advice, but it never ceases to be relevant: in the hot season, especially when a long movement on the tubes, you need to carry drinking water. In the summer you need to constantly replenish moisture in the cells of the body, which can only be done with plain water. Common mistake — the use by drivers of soft drinks and coffee. In such heat it is better to avoid: they do not replenish, but Deplete the moisture reserves in the body.

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