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How to look private Islands of millionaires. Photo

Как выглядят частные острова миллионеров. ФотоBuying a personal of the Islands is very popular among the rich.

If the fortress house of a person, then a private island is his Kingdom. And although our time does not have to be extremely rich to buy an island — you can buy for $50,000 — the most exclusive pieces of land in the middle of the seas and oceans belong to the billionaires.

The custom to buy pieces of Paradise originates from the 1960-ies, when the late shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis married former US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy on their Greek island of Skorpios. The acquisition of the island is unlike any other purchase. This is a way to create your own little world in which everything will be exactly as you want. Here is a sampling of the private property of the billionaires, from the pristine, secluded havens for the modern-day Robinson Crusoe to the tropical organic of luxury resorts.

Larry Ellison: Lanai, Hawaii

Как выглядят частные острова миллионеров. Фото

The owner is Oracle billionaire Lawrence J. Ellison in 2012 purchased almost the entire Hawaiian island of Lanai. The purchase was hotly debated in the press, and, it is rumored that the island had to pay $300 million Allison is going to transform your 98 percent of the island, which is 230 square kilometers in the popular area of tourism and good for local residents. All this will be done in a natural way, using renewable energy sources and natural materials.

Ted Turner: St. Phillips, South Carolina, USA

Как выглядят частные острова миллионеров. Фото

Ted Turner with family and friends for over 35 years enjoy fishing and sailing on the island of St. Phillips, near the coast of South Carolina near the historic seaports of Charleston and Savannah. The pristine nature of the Islands is a miles long white sand beaches, ponds and swamps and is home to many species of fish and animals.

Richard Branson: Necker, British virgin Islands

Как выглядят частные острова миллионеров. Фото

Fortunately for us, some millionaires like to share. After the first visit in 1978, Necker island, sir Richard Branson came up with the idea to create an exclusive resort. Now on his website Branson invites everyone to enjoy the beauty of their possessions in the British virgin Islands. Prices for tourists in 2016 starting from $ 16 460 for two people for four nights at the “Temple of love” and $ 29 960 for two people for 7 nights.

John C. Malone: Sampson Cay, Bahamas

Как выглядят частные острова миллионеров. Фото

Some millionaires buy the island in order to share with the public, and some go the other way, as that made by media Mogul John Malone. Sampson Cay was once the exclusive resort of five villas, restaurant and Marina. But in August 2013 it was all taken out of commercial use for the reconstruction and will no longer be open to the public. Sampson Cay is a private Bahamas Paradise Malone, which he will be able to enjoy alone or in pleasant company.

Ekaterina and Dmitry Rybolovleva: the island of Meganissi, Greece

Как выглядят частные острова миллионеров. Фото

Even the rich and famous can’t always get what you want. Bill gates, Giorgio Armani and Madonna in recent years cherished the dream of owning the legendary Greek island where, in 1968, it took the marriage of Aristotle Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy. However, the trophy, together with the neighbouring islet of Sparti, went to Ekaterina Rybolovleva, daughter of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. A purchase was made in 2013 and cost approximately $ 150 million.

Dietrich Mateschitz: the island was Laucala, Fiji

Как выглядят частные острова миллионеров. Фото

The billionaire and co-founder of the company Red Bull bought the island Laucala in the early 2000’s and have created a resort hideaway with white sandy beaches and thickets of wild orchids. Guests can stay in private villas in the style of Fiji in the midst of coconut groves in rainforests and water sports, Golf and horse riding.

Roman Abramovich: New Holland island, Russia

Как выглядят частные острова миллионеров. Фото

Not all Islands are surrounded by turquoise waters. New Holland, a small artificial island on one of the channels in the centre of Saint-Petersburg, was initially conceived by Peter the Great for the Navy and inaccessible to the public for many centuries, but since 2011, open in the summer months. In 2010, the competition for the reconstruction of the island was won by Roman Abramovich, which should soon turn it into a popular place for recreation and entertainment of citizens and tourists.

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