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How to cleanse the body in summer: nine recipes from a registered dietitian

Как очистить организм летом: девять рецептов от диетологаSummer dishes of vegetables and herbs.

Summer is a time of plenty of vegetables, berries, fruits and herbs.

And you can fully use the gifts of nature to cleanse the body and saturate it with vitamins.

Cucumber salad. Chop 2 of the cucumber one value, removing the seeds, add the onion, parsley, celery greens (to taste) and 30 of pine nuts or peanuts.

Cucumber in sour milk. Coarsely chop one medium cucumber, pour it with 1/2 glass of curdled milk, sour milk or churning, sprinkle 1 tsp of dill.

A salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, cabbage and cauliflower prepared the same way.

Endive with yogurt. Mix 1 tbsp. l. yogurt or sour milk, 80 g coarsely chopped leaves of chicory, a handful of young green peas.

Blood purifier salad. Grate finely 50 g of beet, and the same of carrots, add 50 g finely chopped cabbage, 1/2 tbsp of sunflower oil and 1/2 tbsp of honey. Put 1/2 tbsp cranberry or red currant. Instead of beetroot you can take turnip instead of cabbage — kohlrabi.
Food for the brain. 150 g of grated Apple mixed with the juice of half an orange, 5-20 walnuts or other nuts. Instead of nuts can take a few spoons of whipped cream and instead of orange — 2 tsp lemon juice and as much honey.

Apple porridge. 3 grated Apple mixed with 1/4 Cup fresh cream or sour milk and 2 tbsp bran (pure or oatmeal, or at least of Hercules).

Healthy Breakfast. Put on a plate a thin layer of oatmeal or buckwheat oatmeal, and top with a layer of juicy berries. Knead and leave for 30 min add 2 tbsp. of cream or yoghurt and a few chopped nuts, but did not have oatmeal (protein and starch are not connected).

Simple candy made from dried fruits. Soak dried fruits for 12 h to Remove the bone and instead of them insert nuts, roll in bran.

Candy made from fruit juice. Of 1 part honey 5 parts oatmeal and 1 part any fruit juice to make candy.

The fruit sugar. 750 g sugar (better to turn it into a coffee grinder into a powder) combine 200 ml boiled cooled water and 200 g of honey. All stir until smooth and leave for 8 days. The mixture was stirred with a wooden spoon 3 times a day.

Apple cider vinegar. Apples wash, cut off the damaged part, pass through the juicer or grate on a coarse grater. The resulting raw Apple pulp is put in a glass jar, wood or clay (barrel end cap with the vessel, whose capacity to co-; corresponds to the number of apples, and pour lukewarm boiled water (0,5 l per 400 g of Apple pulp). Then for every litre of water add 100 g of honey or sugar, 10 g of bread yeast and 20 g of dry black bread.

The vessel with this mixture stored open at room temperature 20-30 °C for 10 days, 2-3 times a day to stir the pulp with a wooden spoon.

After 10 days the entire mass to shift into a gauze bag and squeeze. The thus obtained juice is again filtered through cheesecloth, to determine the weight and pour in a vessel with a wide throat. It is possible to each liter to add 50 — 100 g of honey or sugar, stirring until dissolved. Then close the jar with cheesecloth, tie and keep warm to continue fermenting, which is deemed to be complete when the liquid will settle down and become transparent. This happens in 40-60 days. Apple cider vinegar pour into bottles, filtering using a watering can with gauze. Bottle tightly closed tubes, wash with wax and store in a cool place.

Apple cider vinegar used as a seasoning to salads, other dishes that meets the needs of the human body in an acidic additive to food.

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