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How to avoid poisoning by nitrates

Как избежать отравления нитратамиNeed to know a few basic rules.

There are nitrates for man naturally, what number. It should be remembered that 80% of the nitrates ingested in the human body with food, mainly vegetable. That is — with vegetables and fruit.

All plants accumulate nitrates in different ways. Therefore, the allowable rate of accumulation for everyone.

What is the content of nitrates in vegetables acceptable?

High levels of nitrate, 2000 mg per kilogram allowed in lettuce, sorrel, parsley and dill. Followed by the beet — 1400 mg early cabbage — 900, in the late — 500. In tomatoes and cucumbers — 150, if they are grown in the greenhouse 300. In onions onions — 80, but in green to 600, and if he still greenhouse — 800. And the smallest allowable amount of nitrates in fruits — 60 mg/kg. That is, if the level of nitrate in vegetables does not exceed this norm, they are allowed to sell at markets and in shops.

Together with the permitted standards of the contents of nitrates in vegetables, there are some for humans the daily dose of consumption. For a healthy adult is 320 mg. Toxic dose for adults is 600-650 mg per day, but for infants, only 10 mg. So with this information, it is not difficult to balance your diet so to avoid any problems.

To protect yourself from poisoning by nitrates is not so difficult. There are a few basic rules, how to reduce nitrates in vegetables.

Even mediocre treatment is mandatory washing and brushing will reduce the amount of nitrates in vegetables by 10-15%. When soaking in water within two hours from the leaves of parsley, dill, lettuce is washed out to 25-30% of nitrates. Potato, carrot, table beet should hold in the water for hours.

It is better to remove those parts of products which usually accumulate more nitrate. Cucumbers should be cleaned, and cabbage need to remove the top leaves. When boiling vegetables up to 80% of the nitrate goes into the water, frying — up to 15%. Salads of fresh greens, which most of the nitrates, should be prepared immediately before use.

How to choose safe fruits and vegetables

1. Preference for Mature fruit of medium size. It should be guided by the average sizes of the fruit for this variety. Small fruits may contain more nitrates: they could not manage to spend on your growth all the feeding.

2. Acidic fruits accumulate less nitrates.

3. Long storage reduces the amount of fruit contained in the salts of nitric acid. After six months in the potato remains a third, and carrots half of harmful substances. In this case, storage must be carried out according to all the rules: in a well-ventilated, constant low temperature and humidity.

4. Preserving and pickling of fruit, pre-soak in a solution of salt or vinegar, reduces the concentration of nitrates.

5. Remove the stalks from the dining room of greens and herbs, do not eat cabbage stalk and thick veins of the cabbage leaves. Clean the skin of radish and cucumber. Watermelon and cantaloupe do not eat if they are not ripe, do not eat their flesh close to the peel. Cut the stalk beets, eggplant, radish and zucchini. Always clean from the skin suspicious the fruit with the capture of the flesh under the peel.

6. Bought on the market place greens in water, and then one hour to the direct rays of the sun, maintaining a constant humidity spray.

7. Beets, pumpkin, eggplant and zucchini cut into small pieces and put in cold water for thirty minutes, every ten minutes, change the water.

8. When boiling change the water: thirty minutes from start boiling pour the vegetables fresh boiling water. Vegetable dishes serve warm.

9. The long process of thawing facilitates the transfer of nitrates into the more dangerous nitrites. Defrost vegetables in the microwave directly before cooking. Herbs and chopped vegetables, add to boiling soup frozen.

10. Nitrates can be identified using test strips. They are easy to use, only need to apply them to cut the fruit and observe the color reaction. Unfortunately, the strips are not as accurate as the electronic analyzer. However, the price of this device is quite high. Purchase it makes sense if the quality of the products in the shop or on the market are not trustworthy.

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