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How not to gain weight after an exhausting diet

Как не набрать вес после изнуряющей диетыThese tips will help you to save the result.

You gaining weight again after diet? What’s the matter, why can’t I keep it normal? Most likely, you know the answer to this question has become more, and not even because they want to, and as if making up for lost time and subconsciously fearing a new “diet” test.

Let’s change its feeding behavior, not to return to the past. The fact that dietary behavior has the function of “constituting a self-image”. Not only lifestyle, but also self-image. “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are”. A man who loves expensive wines, knows a lot about them and relishes them, is not the man who is drinking some beer, not paying attention, which. A man who knows how to eat oysters. is not the man who eats the herring with Newspapers. And by the way, if you do not talk about psycho, the man who knows how to eat oysters, it will be difficult to eat a herring with Newspapers. And Vice versa. This is followed by a large complex of features “self-image”.

Let’s start to build an image of yourself, and this will help us and simple recommendations to change eating behavior.

Eat when they are hungry. If they push you to eat external influences that have nothing to do with the actual need of your body and food, distract yourself or beat your appetite, eat only when there is true hunger.

Before you begin the meal, deliberately hesitating. Look carefully at the prepared dish and mentally concentrate on the solar plexus (for convenience this can be done with your eyes closed). Now ask yourself two questions: “What am I feeling right now? What I really want?”

Food can be a way to “obscure” straining your feelings and emotions. In acting on this recommendation, you will find that your true needs at this moment nothing to do with the dish that lies before you.

When you eat – alone or together with family, friends, etc., repair any stimuli such as TV, radio, Newspapers, magazines. Avoid eating on the go or standing.

The ancient wisdom says: “don’t make a cult out of food!” Better to make a meal a celebration of taste and aesthetic pleasure.

The rule is to elegantly serve your table (even if you have a trivial afternoon tea alone). Lay a fancy table cloth, put the most beautiful service, put the best Cutlery, so all the attention was focused only on food. To make it easier to correct his dietary habits, try to change the environment. Change your usual place at the dining table. It makes sense to innovate in the kitchen interior.

While eating concentrate on the taste of food, enjoy them slowly, carefully savoring every bite. Prefer the quality of food is its quantity. According to the Eastern worldview, enhances not so much the food as the accompanying emotions.

Possible avoid touching food if you are in a state of great excitement, wait until you feel calm and relaxed.

The more you eat, allow yourself to think about something good and pleasant. For example, about how eating this way in the near future you will gain a slim figure, a thin waist and an easy gait.

Chew food: one bite of food, you need to make 9-12 chewing movements. From the standpoint of physiology the act of chewing prepares the digestive tract to food intake and improves digestion. But there is another important point: the slow food time and ability to stop eating.

These recommendations will help you quickly and successfully change dietary behavior and to create a stereotype of nutrition slender man, that is to develop habits that will allow you to maintain a healthy weight throughout life.

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