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How does the “corrupt” ring of Saturn: new images NASA

Как выглядит "поврежденное" кольцо Сатурна: новые фото NASAPublished the rings of Saturn.

Station, Cassini redistribution of Land new the rings of Satun, where you can see a small gap in the ring F the world.

As reported on the website NASA, probably the ring was “destroyed” not Pandora, which is slightly below to the right, and the object which has been formed from the material of the ring F.

The picture was taken at a distance of 2.2 million kilometers from the surface of Saturn.

Как выглядит "поврежденное" кольцо Сатурна: новые фото NASA

Space station, Cassini-Huygens, worth more than three billion dollars, was launched in 1997 to study Saturn and its moon Titan.

Cassini is named after the Italian scientist Jean Domenico Cassini, who proved that the ring of Saturn consists of two parts separated by a dark band (Cassini’s division) also suggests that the rings of Saturn are composed of parts of various sizes.

Cassini-Huygens is one of the most ambitious space missions ever launched into space. It is filled with a huge number of tools and chambers for precise measurements and high quality images with high quality in different atmospheric conditions and the color spectrum. Space station consists of the space station Cassini (built by NASA) and the Huygens probe (European Space Agency).

The Cassini mission is a joint project of NASA, ESA (European space Agency) and Italian space Agency.

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