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How can useful used tea bags

Как могут пригодиться использованные чайные пакетикиExperts told about the benefits of used tea bags.

Using the tea bag for its intended purpose, that is, brew a strong Cup of tea, we usually throw it. But don’t send the tea bag in the trash, because we are ready to offer you several alternatives of its use that is so simple and effective that it is even hard to believe.

In cooking. The next time you cook rice, throw a bag of Jasmine or chamomile tea in the water. Believe me, the result will surprise you and your loved ones who will feel a new character. Cook the pasta for you with a bag of green tea, but for morning oatmeal is perfect black tea with various spices.

For dishwashing. If you have something burnt in the pan or, going to the cottage, you forgot to buy dishwashing detergent, the situation will save the used tea bag. Soak the dishes in warm water, threw 2-3 bags – adhering food residues and grease easily washed clean.

For hands. Any ingrained into the skin smell, for example, after fish, onions or garlic, we used to eliminated by using lemon slices, but for these purposes, great fit and a used tea bag. RUB it between your hands and the smell will disappear.

To combat skin irritations. Tea is a well-known folk remedy against swelling, irritations and even infections. Of course, you can brew regular tea, moisten a cotton pad and apply it to the bite, and a small herpes, burn, or simply for tired eyes, but the used tea bag is much easier and faster.

For the skin of feet. Used tea bags are not only useful in the kitchen: they help us to stay beautiful. As one of the options you can add a few tea bags in a bath for the feet – this will soften the skin and eliminate odor.When taking bath. For more extensive Spa treatments, you will need slightly more packets, but if you have a large family, where all regularly drinking tea, the day will be enough for a bath that will not only help you relax but will provide the skin care and hydration. The benefits of such a bath increases if you use different types of tea simultaneously – for example, green and black, or chamomile and mint.

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