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Honored artist of Russia died at the bus stop

Заслуженный артист России умер на остановке

The soloist of the Bolshoi theatre orchestra, the trombonist Alexander Morozov died at a stop of public transport in Moscow. On Wednesday, June 29, according to Life.

According to witnesses, the musician died waiting for an ambulance. “I went to work and saw a man at the bus stop lost consciousness and fell. I called an ambulance, called five times, they came after 30 minutes. While they were traveling for so long, the man died,” — said the witness.

Alexander Morozov was 70 years old. He was the soloist of the Bolshoi theatre in 1978, wore the title of honored artist of Russia. Morozov was also Professor of brass instruments of the Gnessin Academy.

He graduated from the Leningrad state Conservatoire in 1980. Played in jazz orchestras Joseph Weinstein and Eddie Rosner, the orchestra of the Leningrad state academic theatre of Opera and ballet. S. M. Kirov. Morozov has also performed in solo concerts and in the composition “Brass quintet, trombone Quartet, ensemble “Tromboner” a Big theatre.

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