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Honey, ginger and garlic – the alternative to many drugs

Мед, имбирь и чеснок - альтернатива многим лекарствамDoctors told, in what diseases useful the garlic, ginger and honey.

Natural remedies are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to medication for the treatment of many diseases. Often they are not worse drugs, but it does not have such side effects.

The healing properties of many plants and products are used to combat diseases from ancient times. In our time, scientific studies often confirm the effectiveness of many natural remedies. So is the case with the combination of garlic, ginger and honey, which together with some other natural ingredients successfully compete with many diseases.

It’s a powerful natural remedy that combines the healing properties of ingredients such as garlic, ginger, honey and Apple cider vinegar.

All these ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and they help to fight with such diseases and health problems:

Arthritis. Asthma. High blood pressure. Elevated cholesterol levels. Gases and indigestion. Headache. Problems with circulation and heart disease. Hemorrhoids. Skin problems such as acne. Toothache. Weight. Ulcers.

Because of its high medicinal and nutritional value of this mixture can be considered as an elixir of longevity, as it protects us from many “killers” that can attack our bodies and inflict serious damage. All the ingredients used in this mixture, was investigated separately, and it was found that they can improve the condition of an organism at different diseases, such as arthritis. It was confirmed that they act as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, capable mind

Cook it very simply and each of the ingredients you can buy in the supermarket or natural foods store.

Ingredients 0.5 Cup lemon juice (125 ml) 0.5 Cup ginger juice (125 ml) 25 garlic cloves 1 Cup of Apple cider vinegar (250 ml) 1 Cup pure honey (340 g)

Mix in a plate a half Cup of lemon juice with half Cup of ginger juice. Add to this mix 25 cloves of crushed garlic and pass it all through a blender. Add a Cup of Apple cider vinegar and a Cup of honey. In conclusion, pour the mixture into a glass bottle and place in fridge. She must stand there for at least 5 days, after which it can be consumed.

Dose. When you use this tool for prevention dissolve two tablespoons of the mixture in a glass of warm water or honey. If you want to take a second dose a day, do it in an hour after dinner.

8 common diseases in which this remedy helps

Acne: Apply with a cotton swab a bit of the mixture on the affected place.

Arthritis: Take the first dose in the morning and second before going to sleep.

Asthma: Take a teaspoon of the mixture dissolving it on an empty stomach.

Cancer: In this case the recipe changes somewhat — the amount of garlic to be doubled. For cancer prevention you need to take two spoons of this mixture three times a day.

High blood pressure: In this case, the recipe changes, too: 2 cups of water (250 ml), 18 cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of vinegar (30 ml), three tablespoons of honey (75 g). This mixture is heated on a slow fire for half an hour. After cooling it can be taken (three spoons three times a day).

To reduce cholesterol: Dissolve a spoonful of mixture in a Cup of water and drink it before each meal, three times a day.

Heart disease: Use recipe for high blood pressure. Take half a Cup of the mixture three times a day.

Gases or indigestion: Dissolve two spoons of the mixture in a Cup of water and heat the drink to the temperature of tea or coffee. Drink it at the first sign of trouble with the stomach or intestines.

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