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Group “Antibodies” made a loud statement

Группа "Антитела" сделала громкое заявлениеGroup “Antibodies” made a loud statement during a concert in Poltava.

Yesterday, June 25, in Poltava in the framework of youth Day held a concert during which they called on Ukrainians to support their country.

The musician and his team have collected a whole stadium Vorskla named the Butovo to celebrate youth Day and to initiate a political flash mob. As the portal Depot, right from the stage of the Taras Poplar, the leader of the group of Antibodies, invited fans to become part of a video message.

In order to support the idea of musicians, fans had to follow Poplars these words:

“Mi – Ukrainians. Cossacks I led. About us zoubi slamat vedmed“.

Then the contractor reached out to fans asking whether they understand, you are talking about. A loud rumble and supporting shouts were the answer to his question.

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