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Google will trigger a quick Android updates

Google спровоцирует быстрые обновления AndroidGoogle new way to interact with their partners.

Google is going to increase pressure on their partners who are not in a hurry to upgrade firmware of Android devices.

The search giant need to launch new services and profitable technologies that do not support old versions of OS, reports Bloomberg.

Updated, not to be ashamed

The main tool to put pressure on partners will be the rankings, which can make major changes in the ranking of manufacturers on the market.

Also Google is negotiating with mobile operators about operational testing updates. They will allow Google to quickly eliminate vulnerabilities in the security system and give users more options, including paid services this virtual reality, software, etc.

Shredding for security

Another way to provide the update on Android is crushing this OS. The bottom line is that Google is trying to split Android into parts. This process takes place for several years — many programs that were previously bundled with Android, now available as a separate download from Google Play. This approach allows you to update the apps separately from the main OS. Even if the smartphone is an outdated version of Android, it is still possible to install the latest Gmail clients, Allo and more.

“The best way to solve this problem — a massive change in the architecture of the operating system, says one of the developers of Android Mike Chang. Or Google can teach manufacturers and operators to be obedient participants in the Android ecosystem”.

The release of new firmware for Android has been intensified after the incident with the Stagefright library. Then more than a million mobile devices were vulnerable to hacking.

After that Google began to release security updates often and automatically install them on the Nexus smartphones. Manufacturers LG, Samsung and many others supported the initiative, however, it appeared that even the big vendors is difficult to sustain the monthly release schedule updates. For small vendors this is generally an impossible task. The Director of HTC Jason Mackenzie (Jason Mackenzie) called such a thing unrealistic.

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