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Google will release a smartphone under its own brand

Internet giant Google bothered to release their own smartphone Nexus series under the brands of other manufacturers, and he decided to release a phone under its brand. Usually the promised three-year wait, but in this case everything will happen in the next few months.

Google is not engaged in developments in the field of hardware, therefore, her smartphone will be produced at the plant of one of its partners. This can be LG, Huawei and even HTC — all they already have experience in the production of mobile phones Nexus, and the latter, according to rumors, is currently working on a new Nexus smartphone S1 or Sailfish 1. To work the new camera is clearly not on iOS or Windows 10 Mobile — only pure Android, besides, probably, from version 7.0, which is only available for beta-testers and software developers.

The design of the smartphone, by the way, Google too will develop that will allow him at the very first stage to specify the elements of appearance that are typical for all models of the new series. The announcement of the smartphone, according to preliminary data, scheduled for the last quarter of the current year, and N Android, it Android 7, should get together with him sometime in October or November 2016. Currently, the specifications of mobile communications are not disclosed, so it may well be budgetary, as well as the top.

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