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Google has created a prototype quantum computer

Google создала прототип квантового компьютераQuantum computer to date — yet hypothetical computing device.

Engineers and scientists of Google created a prototype of a universal system of quantum computing, which works with the combination of superconductors and so-called adiabatic quantum systems, according to a paper published in the journal Nature.

At the request of the employee of Google Alireza Shabani, left to add to the prototype of the mechanism of error correction, chtby to create a basis for scalable without the limitations of a quantum computer.

Quantum computer to date — is a hypothetical computing device, based on the laws of quantum mechanics. In contrast to the modern way of storing information, wherein each memory cell can store either a zero or one, quantum computing modules — qubits — are able to store both these values, which opens up new, as yet not fully explored possibilities for computing.

As reported by Shabani, the developers of Google have found a way to combine the advantages of two approaches in the development of quantum computers — classical and adiabatic. The first one assumes that the qubits in it are subject to the same rules as conventional digital devices. In the second approach, the interaction between qubits needs to occur naturally, under the influence of the forces of nature.

A prototype quantum computer created by the group, Shabani, consists of 9 about 1000 qubits and quantum logic gates that determine the state of the memory cells, and also govern their relations with each other. Using these valves, the Google developers were able to create inside a quantum computer combinations of 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9 qubits, to solve various computational problems. According to researchers, this scheme will be the basis of quantum computers and thus ensure the leadership of Google in the future.

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