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“Girls, I’m back in business”

"Девчонки, я снова в деле"

Russell Crowe about “Nice guys”, the severity of the belly and hatred of self-promotion

In hire leave “Nice guys,” Shane black — rollicking and politically incorrect detective Comedy in which Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling play a couple of the most bumbling private detectives Los Angeles the 1970s.<url> caught up with Crowe in Cannes and asked him about the film, the image of the tough guy and the lifestyle.

.<url>: In “Goodfellas,” you look, quite frankly, is unusual: overweight, beer belly, puffy face… How was working on that?

Crow: Worked? It was the opposite of work, brother. It to look pumped up, you need something to do. Here doesn’t require anything. No going to the gym or ride the bike or pumping iron. In fact, I already pulled the same trick before filming “His man” Michael Mann: no diet, enjoy yourself and start losing normal appearance.

Don’t miss training?

Not without it. The release of endorphins that you experience doing, sure missed you. Generally, gain weight is not difficult. It’s tough, when then come back to training. It took me three months after filming “the Nice guys” to return to the previous form. You know why? After the break, the whole body fucking hurts!” Basic training kills to the point of exhaustion, you know? But in August — and we were shooting the “Guys” at the beginning of last summer — I have already gathered momentum and by December was in the form.

With a personal trainer do?

No, no, no. I am my own coach. Here is my method — take someone younger by the scruff (of the missing correspondent.ru” for the scruff) and dragging to the gym. Use the fact that it helps someone else to bring in the form yourself. Because, you know, all those personal trainers — often disproportionately and unreasonably inflated 22-year-old jerks who don’t understand what you are doing. I usually look at them so down: “Man, you have no idea what kind of exercise I really need. This, this and that — extra. Fuck me bloated ass?” Believe me, I been exploited all my life.

I would like this trainer as you, does not hurt a bit to gain muscle mass.

Yes, I was a few weeks ago, just a couple of guys your age out of new York coached. They are skinny nerds, I wanted to gain weight training and food, all in a row. And I was like, “Boys, well, you give at all. Who told you that you need a lot of calories there? The result will upset you”. Told a few basic things. If you want to gain muscle mass, you need to stick to a diet based on proteins. It’s simple logic. A couple of the exercises shown. What do you think? Two weeks later, they looked like normal athletes-fans.

How many pounds in total you scored for Goodfellas?

24 fucking pounds! It was a breeze. But to reset… Requires full concentration, crazy discipline. You know, by the way, as I understand it, what came up? You’re a man, so understand. When after all the grueling workouts I at some point go in the shower, lower your eyes, and voila! Finally again see what they want to see. His cock. Girls, I’m back in business.



"Девчонки, я снова в деле"

A scene from the movie “Goodfellas”


What were you doing in 1977, when, in fact, the action unfolds Goodfellas?

I lived in Sydney, went to the eighth grade… was crazy, just crazy. Just started to get involved in all this business: go to concerts, pick up hot Chicks. Just started to think about sex. In General, matured physiologically and psychologically. A good time was.

You have a career the envy of many. But comedies like “Goodfellas”, it is not so much.

Well, there were all the same: “Mystery Alaska”, “a Good year” “Love in limbo rhythm”… As with all other genres, looking at my resume, not to say that some of them outweighs and overshadows the other. As for the “Nice guys” to me that they liked the script was smart. Yes, jokes enough, but for them some serious thought. Our Gosling the characters are comical, but the object of their investigation — no. This film tells you what happened in the 1970s, just ruined this poor planet, laid the foundations for all the horrors that are happening right now. Not the most obvious idea to build it Comedy!

Yes, the “Guys” have this underlying political rage.

Yeah. I mean, Yes, we all know that the film looks trivial and foolish and tends to make the viewer two hours was enjoyed. But the story has a density that comedies don’t often see. Shane black invented and created a complete world, and you as the viewer step in it. From the point of view of the characters in it are happening are serious, the level of life-or-death things. But from the point of view of the public all that is happening in the frame, is absurd. The script was special and I liked the characters, the intrigue, drive.

In General, no matter what genres you play, you have, of course, there is the onscreen role of tough guy — which you still always give a certain tenderness, even vulnerability.

I think it’s wrong to play with men impenetrable, invulnerable. I’m always a little funny when some colleagues, even in the Comedy or the melodrama, it is still each frame I want to show you how cool they are macho. The most courageous guys I know, those who achieve incredible things, physical or intellectual labor, always solid, well-rounded people, you know? They are not only cool guys, they are still sons, brothers, husbands, fathers and accept all these social and family roles too. So I always try to play their normal characters, similar to real people — and all living people are vulnerable, vulnerable side, and as it should be.



"Девчонки, я снова в деле"

Photo: Planet Photo / Globallookpress.com


You feel like a whole person?

Not for me to judge. But when you gradually go through life you are as a person inevitably become deeper and more diverse. Unless, of course, to keep curiosity, you always learn, approaching usefulness. Solid I? Let’s just say I’m on my way.

What was Russell Crowe when I first decided to become an actor?

Anthony Hopkins best of all it said: “The wonderful actors at the start of a career similar to the blank slate. We like vanilla ice cream — to which you and each role adds a touch of taste. Most importantly, remember and never forget the taste of vanilla — and then to discern where you are, and where introduced with time.

You do often reflective, thinking about what has changed over time?

Well, Yes. But, man, at my age it is inevitable. That would take at Cannes, where we all are now. I someone talked on the way to a meeting and saw the familiar building from the car window. And then say to the companion: “Look! My 1991…” And I’m in this house slept over at someone of the friends on the couch because I had no money to get a hotel room. Or here’s the red carpet. In 1991 (actually 1992- approx. “Of the tape.<url>”), when we came here with “Skins”, I went down the path in the shoes, the left sole which was full of holes. Another couple I just didn’t have. What do you think? Naturally, it rained heavily. I walked on the red carpet, and with each step my shoes absorbed the water and made this sound: “Cluuub!” So, when the movie started, I ran away from the hall to the toilet to squeeze socks (laughs). All these experiences stay with you forever. On the contrary, if you get to my age and not prone to reflection, I think you’re missing the point of what it means to be human. It is assumed that you live and learn. If you have a lot of years to dedicate to a profession, you must learn to do their work efficiently. When a musician recording their first album, it hard. The second album — have it easier. Tenth? Before you Rachmaninoff. Easy!

You used to have the reputation of a man who spit on everyone and everything…

But I was never like that! When I sign autographs, I’m not doing this for myself and for the person who suddenly needed my signature… for some reason (laughs).

Ever take someone for an autograph?

Once in a lifetime. From Harrison Ford. For my children. That is to say, on this day I was the best father in the universe! And Ford looked at me, shook his head and said: “Really, Russell?” I say, “Sorry, man, but I have no choice. It!”

When you realize that in this profession you, in addition to talent, require the ability to get along with others?

Well, actually, that’s well documented, just I was never very good! (Laughs.) Check it out. You will find 30 years of notes and articles that describe what I’m the shit!

Quickly told myself to suck for roles will not?

Yeah I just always, since birth it was disgusting and unnatural to kiss somebody’s ass. Not mine! I am passionate about cinema, to yourself, to what you do in life, to how you, the audience, react to my movies… But I spit with a high steeple, do you consider me a good guy. I have neither the time nor the energy for this shit. I would prefer to be remembered for the roles that I played and which I hope have shocked someone who was once in the dark of the cinema.

Why I’m asking about this: many actors consider maintaining a perfect reputation of the profession.

I know. Exactly why I don’t live in Los Angeles. Don’t get me wrong — I’ve got a lot of friends that it’s just easier and for the work. But the man to move to Hollywood, as after some time you meet and understand, the topics of conversation eyes narrowed, becoming more correct, more boring. I don’t belong there, and happiness that I can afford to live where they want. I love their ranch in Australia, his herd of cattle. I love to sit on the ATV and sped somewhere in the wilderness, in the desert. Recently lost, first in the store imposed and realised that if you get lost, my living will not find one. There ain’t nothing for miles and miles around. And then suddenly turned somewhere and was stunned by the open view of the valley that I never noticed in his autoproducer. Say aloud: “thank God!”

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