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Gaming monitors LG UM68 arrived in Russia

The Russian school vacation started, and will soon be joined successfully closed the session of the students, so it’s time to flood the country gaming accessories. One of the first to react, LG, announced the start of sales of new gaming monitors UM68 in Russia.

Series LG UM68 yet consists of two models, one 29 and the second 34-inch. In both cases, the screen has a curved shape and aspect ratio 21:9, while maintaining high resolution 2560х1080 pixels — something between Full HD and Quad HD. According to the manufacturer, the monitors are suitable for all games, including for a lot of fast shooters, as they have a fair response time of the matrix at 5 milliseconds. There are also special modes of operation, ground under a specific genre, even under a real-time strategy.

If desired, LG UM68 suitable designers together with artists, as they cover 99% of sRGB color spaces to ensure they provide a saturated color image. The screens of monitors LG UM68 based on the matrix IPS and a useful function “picture in picture” that allows you to simultaneously play a game and be aware of what is happening in a new episode of your favorite series. In addition, the modules support the stabilization technology of black color in order to transfer even more colorful pictures. Unfortunately, all other details about the monitors remain unknown, including their recommended value.

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