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From Eddie Redmayne born child

У Эдди Редмэйна родился ребенокActor Eddie Redmayne for the first time became a father.

Wednesday, June 15, Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah Backsaw first became parents. The news was confirmed by press Secretary of the couple.

The wedding of Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne and his PR Manager Hannah Backsaw was held on 15 December 2014 in Somerset. the fact that the couple is waiting for the firstborn, became known in January of this year.

After the announcement that Hannah is pregnant Eddie decided not to reveal to the press the sex of the baby until its birth. In a live TV show Extra at the Oscars, the actor has said that it will be a surprise.

Eddie Redmayne was widely known for her role as scientist Stephen Hawking in the film the Theory of everything, which earned the actor Oscar, Golden globe and BAFTA.

In 2015, with the participation of Redman on the screens out the biographical drama the Girl from Denmark that tells the story of the world’s first transsexual.

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