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Four ways to reduce sweating

Четыре способа уменьшения потливостиIn summer this question becomes especially relevant, so the doctors told how to get rid of excessive sweating.

The term hyperhidrosis (so called excessive sweating) occurs from Latin “Hyper” means increased and “hydro” – water. Most often, excessive sweating is our body responds to physical activity or high ambient temperature. Then it’s quite normal. But the cause of hyperhidrosis can be malfunctions of various systems – the nervous, metabolic, endocrine, reports “Live actively”.

Hyperhidrosis usually manifests itself with excessive sweating in the underarms, palms and foot.

Especially frustrating when hyperhidrosis is accompanied by an unpleasant odor of sweat or secretion of colored sweat.
But excessive sweating is not just a cosmetic or aesthetic problem. Worst of all, violated the acid-alkaline balance on the surface of the skin and the mechanisms of its antimicrobial protection. As a result, people with this problem often have fungal skin diseases (pityriasis versicolor, candidiasis, ringworm), streptococcal pustular lesions appear of the skin rash.

How to reduce sweating?

1. The first place among the means to combat excessive sweating is antiperspirants. It is known that antiperspirant deodorant blocks up to 40 percent of the sweat glands. And it sometimes helps to cope with the visible effects of sweating. If antiperspirants do not help, you should consider more radical measures of struggle.

2. In General, the treatment of hyperhidrosis involves wearing clothes made of natural fabrics, getting rid of chronic diseases, receiving prescribed sedatives and drugs calcium. To reduce sweating of hands, armpits and feet can be treated the skin of weak solutions of formalin, tannin and etc. unfortunately, all of these funds with long-term use can cause irritation and allergic dermatitis. Moreover, their action ends shortly after the end of application.

3. If you did not manage to solve this problem, and you want to solve it once and for all, you can resort to surgical techniques – removal of skin, containing a significant number of sweat glands. However, there are often severe scarring in the armpit, or other problems.

4. Recently, for the treatment of hyperhidrosis actively used injectable medications – Botox and Dysport. These funds block the small nerve endings and thereby disturb the regulation of sweating. The obvious advantage of this method is the ease and safety of manipulation – quite a few injections, and the result becomes visible after a few days. The duration of action of these drugs remains for approximately 3-9 months.

Very important hyperhidrosis prevention – early detection and treatment of diseases, provoking the development of excessive sweating; observance of rules of personal hygiene, a drinking regimen. These simple rules will help you to reduce the risk of excessive sweating.

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