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Four billion years ago the Earth was not water – scientists

Четыре миллиарда лет назад на Земле не было воды, - ученыеThe southwest research Institute talked about the new hypothesis related to the paradox of the weakness of the young sun.

American geophysicists have proposed a possible solution to the paradox of a weak young Sun, associated with the impossibility of existence four billion years ago the Earth water because of the lack of energy bodies, which was 20 to 30 per cent less bright than today.

Devoted to the study published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, briefly about it, reports the southwest research Institute (USA).

Despite the fact that solar energy was not enough for existence on the planet is liquid water on Earth four billion years ago, as indicated by geological and geochemical data (rock with zirconium crystals), was a warm and humid climate, favourable for the origin of life.

Четыре миллиарда лет назад на Земле не было воды, - ученые

Scientists have created a new model of outgassing on the Earth, which showed a sufficient strength of the greenhouse effect for the existence of liquid oceans at an early stage of development of the planet in low-light conditions. In contrast to previous studies, also offers a possible explanation for the presence of liquid water on ancient Earth with volcanic degassing (the release into the atmosphere with the volcanic eruptions greenhouse gases), the new work takes into account the active bombardment of the planet by asteroids.

Attaining a diameter of one hundred kilometers these heavenly bodies when falling to the Ground cause the melting of large volumes of rocks that creates a huge lava lake. As they cool they release a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide and thus warm up the atmosphere. Also the bombing of the planet, according to scientists, led to the release of her bowels sulphur necessary for the formation of organic life.

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