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Found the oldest temple in the territory of the Russian Federation

Найден самый древний храм на территории РФThe total area of ancient buildings – of the order of 14.5 square meters.

Archaeologists carried out excavations of the temple in Krasnodar (Russia) on the territory of Phanagoria discovered ancient temple.

Scientists believe that it is more ancient object of this type from previously discovered on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In 2013, scientists investigated the temple, which has classified the most ancient object and dated 5th century BC. But it turned out that under it the Foundation of a more ancient discovery. New found ancient object novali “the temple of Anta.

Throughout its longitudinal walls, scientists have discovered tabs – ants. Researchers have begun to study the remnants of the buildings whose area is 14.5 square meters. It is established that the facility consisted of a main building and an annexe gated in front of the entrance.

This method of construction was widely used in Phanagoria. Until deadline create finds. But the fact that the new object found under ancient structure, allows archaeologists to argue about its more ancient period of construction than was found before on the territory of the Russian temples.

Recall that Phanagoria was founded by Greek settlers in the middle of the 6th century BC, the City has long been the capital of the Bosporan Kingdom.

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